Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bend, Fold, Manipulate

Deadline: March 14, 2008 (RECEIVE)

Bend, Fold, Manipulate

ACA Gallery
Toronto, Ontario – Canada
May 2008

Talisman Fibre Arts Studio Incorporated is please to once again be able to extend an invitation to particiate in a textile/fibre based art exhibit. This exhibit is very special as it will be hosted by ACA Gallery ( in Toronto. ACA Gallery is an amazing incubator supporting art and social change and is involved in humanitarian grassroots projects both locally and globally.

“Bend, Fold, Manipulate” is a Fibre Artist Exhibition that will be held at the ACA Gallery, May 2008.

Curated by Gallery Artist, Mary Kroetsch (, art will interpret the definition of the show title, uniquely suggesting the steps in a plan for building a hopeful globally shared future.

ACA Gallery ( believes that art should not be separated from other cultural values, social justice, caring for others and for our beautiful planet. To support this belief, portions of commission collected from sales is contributed to special grass roots projects.

For a full Curatorial Statement and additional details, contact Mary Kroetsch at

Mary Kroetsch
Textile/Mixed Media Artist - Curator