Tuesday, August 18, 2009

About Us and How to Use This Site *updated*

Recently, a reader asked: What exactly are you?

In response to your query, Fiber Art Calls for Entry is a repository of Fiber/Textile related opportunities. Our focus is fiber but most of the items listed are open to a variety of media.

This site began as an offline project; it was brought online when its creator and principal caretaker (known as The Keeper) realized that others could benefit from the information being gathered. At present, The Keeper serves as the primary guide; however, others are involved in its cultivation. The nom de plume is used for the privacy of the parties involved in the site's upkeep and to maintain integrity since we also apply to the opportunities listed here.

Items appear at the discretion of The Keeper. With the exception of our sponsor, we display no ads nor express any affiliations. Sponsorship by our friends at Art Craft Design Culture generously allows us to continue growing and maintaining the site.

It is our pleasure to bring you Fiber Art Calls for Entry. We are currently working on modifications to make the site more useful and easier to navigate. We appreciate your readership. Questions and feedback are welcomed.

Best regards,

The Keeper


Fiber Art Calls for Entry strives to list a range of opportunities for artists who create work in the broadly defined medium of Fiber. Our focus is fiber but the opportunities listed may be of interest to artists of other media.

FAC Deadlines Calendar

All deadlines are listed by due date. To open an item, click the title. Since this calendar is situated on the sidebar the text may appear a bit squished. Just click MORE DETAILS to view the item. The description contains the clickable permalink to the full blog post.

Full calender view is available by clicking here: FULL VIEW.

Click the appropriate link to subscribe to the calendar via Google Calendar or any other calendar that uses the iCal format.

Ongoing/Unspecified items are listed on the sidebar via Google Reader. Again, no Google Account is needed to view these items. Click here to view the full list.


Several options are available for finding items posted on this site:

Search Box on the Navigation Bar. Just type your search term in the box then click search blog.

Blog Archives. Links to the archives is situated on the sidebar. The dropdown menu lists items by year and in order of posting.

Labels. The label (tag/categories) list to the sidebar. The list links to items from 2007 onward. Items from 2006 will be updated over time.


Use Google Calendar to set reminders for deadlines.


Feel free to subscribe to the feed by using the buttons listed on the sidebar.

You may also have updates emailed to you directly via feedblitz. Just submit your email address in the appropriate box on the sidebar.

Questions? Comments?
Feel free to contact us with questions, comments and/or requests by clicking the address on the sidebar. All correspondence is reviewed and responded to in a timely manner.

More to come.

The Keeper