Tuesday, January 08, 2008

HMQS Quilt Exhibit

Deadline: April 10, 2008 (POSTMARK)

“Heirlooms—Wrapped Up in Our Quilted Past”
HMQS Quilt Exhibit
South Towne Exposition Center
Sandy, UT (Suburb of Salt Lake City)
May 8-10, 2008

Theme: “Heirlooms—Wrapped Up in Our Quilted Past”: Must be easily identifiable as representing the theme.

Entrants in the Quilt Exhibit may enter 2 quilts into the Judged exhibit and 2
quilts into the Exhibit Only area (display conditional upon space availability). Each
entry must fall under the definition of a quilt that consists of 3 layers, i.e., quilt top, batting, and backing.

Entries must be machine quilted. No hand-quilted entries will be accepted.
Quilts older than 4 years may not be entered. Entries that are larger than 480”
will not be accepted. HMQA reserves the right to place entrants’ quilts in a more
appropriate category if deemed necessary.


Best of Show: This quilt is deemed by the judges as the best quilt in all categories.

Best Combination: Quilt made by a combination of piecers, appliquérs and/or machine
quilters. A group effort, more than one person worked on the quilt.

Best Rookie: The quilt was machine quilted by a machine quilter who has been machine
quilting less than a year.

Best Solitaire: One person pieced or appliquéd and machine quilted the quilt.

Viewer’s Choice: Ballots cast by attendees will decide this award.


Appliqué: Quilts in this category should have a large portion appliquéd.The appliqué may be either hand or machine appliquéd. Perimeter not to exceed 480”.

Art/Pictorial: Quilts in this category will be judged for their artistic merit in design and detailed use of metallic or variegated thread. Addition of beads, buttons or other objects will be acceptable providing that they are securely attached and the quilt can be hung with minimal care. Perimeters no more than 480”.

Conventional Machine: This category is for quilts quilted on a machine by the “push-through” method of quilting. All types of quilts are permitted in this category. Perimeter no less than 80” and no more than 480”.

Edge to Edge: This is a quilting design that covers the entire quilt without any regard to the blocks or borders of the quilt. No “stitch-in-theditch” quilting. Perimeters 220” to 480”.

Embroidery: This is the perfect category to showcase your embroidery quilts! The embroidery on these quilts may be done either by hand or machine. Perimeters 220” to 480”.

Novelty Custom: Unusual and creative stitching designs, inventive block motifs and
background fillers encouraged.Unique and nonmatching thread choices also ncouraged. This category is the opposite of Traditional. Perimeters 220” to 480”.

Traditional Custom: Very traditional quilting, such as “stitch-in-the-ditch,” outline stitching or feathers. Background fillers such as cross-hatching, echo quilting, straight lines.Threads should match the fabric of the quilt as much as possible. Perimeters 220” to 480”.

Wall Hanging: A quilt of a perimeter no less than 80”and no more than 260”.May be pieced or appliquéd, traditional or novelty in design.

Whole Cloth: One piece of fabric quilted in an overall design. Quilt may be seamed only to join pieces of the same fabric to acquire the desired size. Perimeters 220” to 480”.

Masters: This category includes all quilters who have won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Best of Show or a comparable award in a nationally recognized show. Proof of award must be available upon request. Quilts may be representative of any of the above

Youth 16 & Younger: Quilts in this area MUST be entirely machine quilted by the Youth 16 & under, either by long/short arm method or conventional push-through method. Top does not have to be constructed by youth. Perimeter not to
exceed 480”.

Exhibit Only: A quilter may submit up to two (2) quilts for non-judged Exhibit Only

All Exhibit Only must fit the definitions of a quilt described above, and may be in any of the above categories.

Download the prospectus: enter_quilt_08.pdf

Visit the website: hmqs.org

Patsy Shelton