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ANTI Contemporary Art Festival

Deadline: February 18, 2008 (RECEIVE)

ANTI Contemporary Art Festival
Kuopio, Finland
September 25th - 28th 2008

ANTI is an international contemporary arts festival presenting site-specific works made for public space. Over the past six years ANTI has presented live, sonic, visual and text-based art from today's most exciting and innovative artists. A truly international festival and Finland's foremost presenter of Live Art, ANTI is a meeting place for artists and audiences fascinated by how art shapes and responds to the places and spaces of everyday life.

Artists and students from all disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals to this year's festival.

The proposal process

ANTI Festival pre-selects a number of sites/contexts/environments that we ask artists to respond to by proposal. Details of the 2008 sites can be found here:

As the works take place in public space it is essential the proposals consider a site's pre-existing 'audience'; be they passers-by, customers or residents. Alongside those who purposely visit the festival, a substantial part of ANTI's audience are members of the public who come across the works by chance.

ANTI's emphasis is on site-specificity. The festival understands this term in an expanded sense; proposals may suggest works that deal with a site geographically, culturally or by association i.e. themes and activities that the site suggests but may not be physically present in the site itself. Proposals may also combine or link a number of sites.

Proposal form

All proposals must be sent using the electronic form below. The form allows a link to be made to any online documentation artist's may have of previous work and for artists to attach their CV and one image of their work. In addition ONE piece of supporting material ( i.e. VHS, DVD, CD-ROM) can be submitted as hardcopy. Materials will not be returned.

Visit website to complete form:

Further information:
phone: +358 50 3052 485

ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival
Koljonniemenkatu 2, 2nd Floor
70100 Kuopio, Finland