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World of WearableArt™

Two Deadlines:
May 1, 2008 (New Zealand) (RECEIVE)
May 9, 2008 (International) (RECEIVE)

World of WearableArt™
Wellington, New Zealand
20 – 30 September 2008

Step into a world where art and the human form combine, where dance, music and lighting tell a story of the body as a canvas; where the lines of fashion and art blur and merge as one…

WOW® is a two hour show held annually in September in Wellington, New Zealand to an audience of 30,000 per season. First shown in 1987, World of WearableArt originally began as a promotion for a rural art gallery in Nelson. Nelson sculptor Suzie Moncrieff had the vision to exhibit art in the form of a live theatrical show – and WOW® has since grown to receive international acclaim.

Designers of WearableArt™ garments are challenged to create something completely original, a garment that has impact on the 40+ metre stage, is impressive up close, is constructed to withstand the movement of individual choreography and has that overall ‘WOW Factor’. Although many entrants to the Montana WOW® Awards are professional artists and designers, there is no requirement that entrants have a fine art qualification, or have won acceptance in their art field before they can put their work forward. The Awards’ ‘non-elitist’ approach appeals to entrants from all walks of life.

WOW® offers the opportunity for designers to experiment with materials and new methods, to push boundaries and think outside the square without commercial expectations or the limits of everyday fashion.

Entry Criteria

Garments are judged on originality, creativity, innovation and construction. All entries will be considered by the judges at the preliminary judging when entries will be selected for inclusion in the show. Entries are modelled.

Judges’ retain the right to move garments to different sections and recommend accessory additions and/or deletions.

The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Judging is “blind” - the Judges are told the garments name and inspiration not the designer’s name.

Entry Construction Requirements
When designing your work remember it will be exhibited in a fully choreographed performance, therefore ensure:
  • Garment is of sound construction.

  • Hats are fitted and well balanced, strap under chin may be appropriate.

  • Electrical wiring is safe and simple to operate.

  • Garment is safe to wear with no sharp edges.

  • Garment is not excessively heavy.

  • Hot glue, staples, or tape are not relied on to hold materials together.

  • Lacing of garment must withstand quick changes (suggest elastic or velcro).

2008 Special Awards

There are seven sections. Each section (with the exception of the Bizarre Bra® Section) has NZ$8,000 worth of prize money; Section Winner NZ$5,000, Runner Up NZ$2,000, Commended NZ$1,000

HP Children’s Section: Theme ‘Reinvent/Reinterpret the TUTU’

Recreate the theatrical drama of the ballet TUTU turning inventive ideas & interesting materials into a work of art to adorn the body.

Air New Zealand South Pacific Section

Gather inspiration from New Zealand’s rich Maori culture and the traditional cultures of our South Pacific neighbours. Celebrate what it is like to live in New Zealand and the South Pacific –the sea, beach, flora, fauna, birds, insects etc and the wide and wonderful personalities of our unique cultures.

Tourism New Zealand Avant Garde Section

Where art and fashion collide! Create WearableArt™ garments that are revolutionary, extravagant and extrovert, but still stylish and made with skill. Be driven by dreams and fantasies, not commercial reality.

American Express Open Section

This section has no thematic boundaries and gives the designer complete freedom in concept, construction and materials. This section encourages a high degree of originality and innovation.

AT&T Illumination Illusion®: Theme: ‘The Magic of Performance Art’

Gather your inspiration from dance, theatre, puppetry, masks etc and using the magic illusion of UV light to create a garment to perform in and WOW® the audience. For example the body can be the focus by covering it in UV material or it can remain unseen by blacking it out. Use attachments (e.g. black painted kite rod) to float objects out from the body or to achieve the magic of revealing and concealing.

Please note you may use up to three models per entry. Use any UV colour or just plain black and white. Self-lit garments are not permitted in this section. Entries must be made from materials / paints which glow in the dark under UV light – material suggestions: nylon, tulle, elastic, cotton, nylon lycra, acetate lining, UV spray paints etc.

CentrePort ‘Inspired by Architecture’ Section

Explore the connection between fashion & architecture using the body as the landscape. Gather your inspiration from the great architectural guru’s e.g. Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas or Fashion Designers e.g. Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan, Issey Myake and Gareth Pugh. Look to the ancient world of architecture from Gothic to Greek, or more recently Victorian to Art Deco. Be inspired by the indigenous cultures of the world, or create futuristic architectural concepts still to be built.

Bra® Section

Though normally hidden, the bra has shown itself in past Montana WOW® Awards to have enormous potential for highly creative and witty reinvention. Garments must be bra only and not include accessories. Entry must be a bra that fits the breast, not a bustier. (See brochure for awards in this section).

International Entry Information

WOW® has been delighted to accept designs from all over the world, including Australia, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, India, Israel, Dubai, United Kingdom, United States of America and Japan. WOW® is always excited to welcome international designers and their different techniques, ideas and inspirations.

International entrants are automatically eligible for Wellington International Award which recognises the best international entry – winner receives NZ$5,000.

WOW Entry Kit

Pick up an Entry Kit from:
World of WearableArt™ and Classic Cars Museum Nelson, New Zealand

Request an entry form to be emailed to you:

Download the 2008 Entry Kit:
For more information on entering the 2008 Montana WOW® Awards please click here to download a 16 page detailed pdf booklet. (2.2 MB file size)

International Entrants
For more information on entering a garment from outside of New Zealand please click here to download a helpful pdf booklet. (680 KB file size)

How to Enter

After 1st February 2008, go to: and click on ‘Enter WOW®’ to enter online.

World of WearableArt
Ph: (0064 3) 547 0861 or Fax: (0064 3) 547 0324
PO Box 9037, 95 Quarantine Road,
Annesbrook, Nelson, New Zealand