Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Creative Knitting Magazine

Deadline: Ongoing/Unspecified

Creative Knitting Magazine
Submission Guidelines

Creative Knitting is published every other month by DRG.

To receive an editorial calendar, contact

Submission guidelines [pdf]


Creative Knitting

EDITOR: Bobbie Matela, (760) 597-4801 ext. 129,
SENIOR EDITOR: Kathy Wesley, (760) 597-4801 ext. 127,
ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Mary Ann Frits, (760) 597-4801 ext. 139,
Beth Camera, (760) 597-4801 ext. 125,
Cathy Reef, (260) 589-4000, ext. 347,

General Information (truncated information--view complete guidelines)

Creative Knitting is a full-color, 100-page bimonthly magazine published by House of White Birches (DRG).

Project submissions or manuscripts:

• Send (1) proposal sketch with swatches; (2) your completed project; or (3) photo (digital photos or scans may be emailed). All designs must be original and not previously published.

• Be sure to label everything with your name and address. Keep a copy of all materials. Project review: Knitting reviews are held six times a year for the magazine. Check the editorial calendar for dates. These projects are seasonal. Design topics and suggestions are sent to knitters in our database. They can also be requested.

Contracts and payment

Average fees range from $50 to $550. Because all rights to designs are purchased, unless otherwise arranged, designers should not sell the purchased design or one very similar to it to another publisher.

Questions, contact Bobbie Matela.
Question about the status of a design, contact Mary Ann Frits.
Question about pattern writing, contact Kathy Wesley.

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