Monday, October 29, 2007

Residencies: Jentel Foundation

Deadlines (POSTMARK):
September 15th -- Winter/Summer Residency
January 15th -- Summer/Fall Residency

Jentel Foundation
January 15 - May 13 -- Winter/Summer
May 15 - December 13 -- Summer/Fall

Visit the website for complete details:

Residencies are intended as professional and creative development opportunities for visual artists in all media and writers in all genre. Proposals for self-directed, creative residencies must be compatible with available working studio spaces, facilities, and resources. Artistic merit and promise are the basis for selections. Mature, mid-career and emerging artists are encouraged to apply.

Jentel welcomes applications from U.S. citizens wherever they may reside or roam.
If your primary residence for the year you are applying to Jentel is in the U.S., we welcome your application. U.S. citizenship is not a requirement; only residence. Collaborators may be accepted for a residency; however, both artists need to submit separate applications along with a joint proposal.

All residencies are approximately one month long. Four visual artists and two writers are invited to come to Jentel each month. We annually accept 44 visual artists in all media and 22 writers in any genre. For each residency, six residents (4 visual artists/2 writers) arrive each 15th of the month and leave the 13th of the following month January 15 through December 13th.

Jentel is on a working cattle ranch 20 miles southeast of Sheridan, Wyoming. Your time at Jentel is primarily unscheduled. Although no services are expected of the residents during their session, community outreach is encouraged and supported through the Jentel Presents program.

Visual artists (painters, sculptors, printmakers, textile artists, and performance and installation artists) may submit 10-20 slides of work completed in the last two years in a plastic slide sheet. CDs will not be accepted in this category.

Residency awards are determined by a panel of arts and literary professionals. Panelists rotate every two years. In some instances as part of our partnership program with other residencies and agencies, artists and writers may be invited to Jentel without submitting an application.

Application fee: $20 and is nonrefundable.

On Line Applications and Jentel Brochure [pdf format]

Applications and brochures may be requested via USPS. Please send a self addressed mailing label and $.63 postage to:

Jentel Artist Residency Program
130 Lower Piney Creek Road
Banner, WY 82832