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Princeton Architectural Press

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Princeton Architectural Press

Princeton Architectural Press prides itself on the diversity of its line of books. Our books include many types, from monographs to guidebooks, from reprints to atlases. They cover theory, history, planning, professional practice, and other topics. Though we are willing to review any proposal concerning architecture, landscape architecture, design, or the loosely defined "visual culture" (select "catalog by subject" from the pull-down menu at the top of this page to get a better idea of the areas we publish in), there are some topics that do not fall into our current line. These include highly technical books and purely academic books, such as unaltered doctoral theses. If you are not sure whether your manuscript fits into our line, please request our latest catalog.

Manuscript Guidelines

Manuscripts submitted to Princeton Architectural Press should be as complete as possible. The following guidelines detail what we hope to see in your submission:
  1. Describe the subject of your manuscript thoroughly.

  2. For scholarly books, include a complete table of contents and a detailed outline of these contents.

    For monographs, include an introductory essay, a list of projects, and samples of photographs and drawings.

    Samples of your writing, preferably chapters or project descriptions from your proposal, will greatly help us to evaluate your work.

  3. Detail all additional parts of the book: illustrations, tables, bibliography, index, glossary, etc.

  4. Photocopies of illustrations are adequate, but, if necessary to understanding the proposal, a selection of photographs and drawings should be included.

  5. Evaluate the market for your proposal.

  6. Why is your book needed? For whom will it be written? Is there a significant international audience for your book?

    List other books concerning similar topics, and distinguish your book from them.

    Note any forthcoming exhibitions, events, symposia, etc. that might influence sales of the books.

  7. Enclose complete resumes of all authors and editors.

  8. Each should include educational and professional background as well as a list of projects and publications.

  9. Do not send any original materials; we cannot be responsible for their loss.

Visit website for complete guidelines:

We review proposals on a monthly basis, so it may take up to two months for us to send you a reply.

Manuscripts and materials should be sent to:

Editorial Submissions
Princeton Architectural Press
37 E. 7th St.
New York, NY 10003

Please rest assured that any proposal sent to us is treated with the utmost confidentiality, and any ideas or materials submitted to us remain the absolute property (physical and intellectual) of the potential author.

Further questions, contact us at