Sunday, September 23, 2007

Printed Matter

Deadline: Ongoing

Printed Matter
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Printed Matter will consider any artists' publication produced in an edition of 100 copies or more for inventory. While the bulk of our stock is artists' books, we also consider audio, video and computer works. We are mostly interested in artists' publications that are "democratizing" artworks - that is, inexpensive and produced in larger editions.

Although we carry books of artists' writings, we do not normally consider exhibition catalogues, art criticism, art history, illustrated poetry, literary magazines, T-shirts, loose postcards, multiples or posters. We are highly selective when considering artists' magazines and 'zines.

Because of the large number of submissions we receive, Printed Matter must be selective in the works we accept. Our main criteria, beyond the above, are:

If the title submitted is in fact an artists' publication; the quality of the work relative to existing stock; Printed Matter's inventory needs; the title[s] availability and cost; and the number of titles that we can fairly represent.

Printed Matter will only consider for review books that have already been published. Printed Matter does not publish books on an artist's behalf.

Please submit only one copy per title for consideration. Please do not submit mock-ups, dummies, or prototypes.

When submitting a book to us please provide us with the following information:

Artist[s] Name[s]
Retail Price
Edition Size
Supplier/Contact Person
Telephone and Fax Numbers

Additional supporting materials may also be submitted, however, Printed Matter tries to consider publications on their own strengths rather than based on outside information.

All books must be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope should you like your book returned if it is not accepted for inventory. Unaccepted books without SASEs will be donated to a local educational institution. Printed Matter will not hold books for later pick-up. Notification of acceptance will be made by post only.