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Advice from HGTV: Publishing A Project -- Krause Publications

Publishing A Project
via Carol Duvall Show : Episode CDS-1041

Julie Stephani of Krause Publications found that selling an idea can be just as successful as selling a craft. She joins host Carol Duvall in studio to give tips on how to get a craft design published.

Starting out as a crafter, Stephani became primarily a designer. "I didn't want to make 100 of something," she says, "so I thought, 'well, I'll just sell the idea.' " Stephani found it much easier to make one of a particular craft, write the instructions and get them published.

Below are some steps Stephani recommends to publish craft "how-to" guides:

Be sure that the craft is creative and original.

To write the instructions for the craft, list all the materials and tools used to make the craft, keep the steps for assembly in chronological order, and use specifics in describing the assembly (such as the particular type of glue used, how many teaspoons of glitter used, etc.).

Research publications to find out which ones solicit craft instructions.

Request submission guidelines from the publication.

Following the publisher's guidelines submit the craft design and instructions.

Stephani suggests that when submitting a craft design for publication, only submit it to one publication at a time. Most publications have a phone number to call to request submission guidelines. In general, books and magazines require a designer to send a photo of the craft, instructions, and a brief letter to introduce the project. Stephani also suggests that if the project is smaller than the size of a fist, the designer should consider sending in a sample of the craft.

Once a publication accepts the craft, expect negotiation to lead to a contract as well as pay. Stephani says one of the best ways to learn how to negotiate is to join an association such as the Society of Craft Designers. "You'll find all kinds of designers that have already had all this experience and are willing to share their information," she says.


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