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Here are the themes for upcoming issues of Handwoven. We’d love for you to become a contributor! To be considered, send us a photo of your work and a brief description. If you’ve woven something wonderful that is not related to one of the themes, send us a photo of that, too—not all articles have to be related to issue themes. Send materials at least five months before the issue date for the best opportunity to be considered. To see what’s involved in preparing an article, click on author guidelines.

January/February 2008
It's All in the Weft

This issue focuses on the weft: for rag rugs and mats, weft-faced rugs and runners, boundweave fabrics, and tapestry techniques. We’re also looking for projects that introduce unusual ways of using pattern wefts, clasped wefts, compound wefts, and inlay.

March/April 2008
Coordinated Fabrics for Interiors

In the November/December 2006 issue of Handwoven, Sharon Alderman presented three coordinated decorative fabrics for the home (a table runner, a throw, a pillow top). Projects in this issue will show two or more coordinated textiles to decorate a room: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

May/June 2008
Lace in Summer Colors

Lace is great in white and natural, but it comes alive with color. This issue will feature huck, Swedish, and Bronson laces using hot summer colors. Think of clothing, curtains, picnic cloths, table linens, coverups, light wraps, and summer scarves.

September/October 2008
Weaving World Wide

Weavers get inspiration from other weavers more than from any other source. This issue presents projects inspired by weaving around the world, from Japan, Scandinavia, Guatemala, Peru, India, Africa, and more—both in design and technique.

November/December 2008
Fulling and Felting

This issue explores the current fascination weavers have with what can be created in the fulling process: feltlike fabrics, softly felted fabrics with holes that don’t ravel, fabrics with waves and bumps from differential shrinkage—all of the magic that can happen after the cloth leaves the loom.

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