Monday, June 18, 2007

The American Craft Show in 2008

Deadline: August 2, 2007

To exhibit in any The American Craft Show in 2008 an artist must
submit digital images to the annual jury by August 2, 2007 at 12
midnight (MDT) via Zapp, the online application system
( and receive a screening score. Image
submissions are accepted only once every year.

Download the prospectus:

NOTE: There is only one deadline for all shows.
Exhibitors apply in one of two categories that best defines their
work. A separate jury of seven people is convened for each of the two
application categories. All works must be the designs of the applicant
and made in the United States by the applicant or under his/her direct

Category I Functional or sculptural work for interiors/exteriors
Category II Clothing, jewelry and wearable accessories

Applicants are asked to further classify their work by identifying the
principal material in which they work (ceramic, fiber, glass, metal,
etc.) or the primary type of work they create (furniture and lighting,
floor coverings, jewelry, etc.)
Artists who work in a single material should submit one application
for review. However, if the artist makes two distinct bodies of work
in the same material, he/she may wish to submit a separate application
for each. Applicants may not submit the same set of images more than
once in the same category.

Any artist exhibiting jewelry must apply to the jewelry category, submitting only images of jewelry. Any artist who wishes to exhibit
jewelry, as well as other types of work, must enter separate submissions to the appropriate categories. Do not include jewelry images in any other category submission.

Artists exhibiting furniture and/or lighting are juried as a group according to the type of work. Furniture and lighting submissions may include images of other types of related home accessories.

If an artist wishes to apply with more than one application, he/she must apply with separate online user IDs, digital images and application fees. If only one is accepted, only work represented in that application may be exhibited. If one application is accepted and another is wait-listed, the wait-listed work may not represent more than one-third of the entire booth. Once the artist's number on the wait list is reached, the artist may include the wait-listed work in his booth in any