Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yummy--NEXUS/foundation for today's art

Deadline: August 18, 2007 (Postmark)

NEXUS/foundation for today’s art
December 2007 – January 31, 2008


NEXUS/foundation for today’s art is seeking artist’s work in all mediums for “Yummy”
scheduled for December 5, 2007 – January 27, 2008.

Just as food brings people together, this exhibition seeks to promote collaboration by inviting individuals, artists, scholars, performers, musicians and local organizations to creatively address the role of food in our lives. The exhibition highlights American cultural and social relationship to food, while addressing the impact food has on our belief systems.

The artwork in Yummy will address two major topics: cultural food traditions as related to family customs and social norms; and the influence of the entertainment and advertising industry has on our eating habits. The curators will be selecting artists who represent in their work the association of food to social events such as holidays, hunting/gathering and religion as well as larger societal themes including the connection of food options to class and income, eating disorders and gender roles associated with cooking and the kitchen. Artists whose work speaks to the effect the media has on eating habits and self-image, the representation of food in the media as well as the advertisement and packaging of food will also be considered for inclusion. These themes will be further explored through our extended programming series.

Notification: No later than Saturday, September 8, 2007

NEXUS/foundation for today's art
1400 N. American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122