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European Art Quilts V

Deadline: 1 March 2008

European Art Quilts V - August 2008

EAQ IV is still touring successfully throughout Europe and the USA but the European Art Quilt Foundation is already organizing its next juried exhibition: European Art Quilts V.

The exhibition will start at the Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, UK, August 2008, and will then travel throughout Europe.

The works will be returned to the artists at the latest end 2009.


- Artists living in Europe may apply for participation. Place of residence on 1 March 2008 will determine the country with which the artist will be associated.

- Each artist may submit a maximum of two works. The work must have been completed after 2006, and may not have been exhibited, or published about, before.

- The size of the work should be minimally 80 x 80 cm (or min. perimeter 320 cm) and maximally 180 x 180 cm (or max. perimeter 720 cm), and be provided, on the back, with a sleeve for hanging the work. There are no restrictions regarding the use of materials. It is, however, important that the pieces show the historical characteristics of a quilt: a construction of two layers, stitched together with a filler in between.

- The quilt must have a personal identity and may not be a translation or a copy of another work of art.

Entry form

An entry form is needed for each work . Each entry form is to be accompanied by:

- CD (labelled with name and address) with 2 digital photos (300dpi, 13 x 18 cm, JPEG format, named as artist’s name_title work); one of the whole work and one of a detail.

(please note that selection will be made based on these digital photos!)

- 1 photo on glossy paper (10 x 15 cm) of the whole work, marked with TOP, artist’s name and title work. All photographic material will remain with the EAQF.

- a small (max. A4 ) sample of a piece of the quilt; sample will be returned

(resembling part of the work, not a collection of materials!)

- A4 envelope with name and address

- 15 Euros entry fee, non-refundable, to be paid in cash, by bank transfer or credit card

NOTE : there will be an extra fee of 20 euros when the work is accepted !!!!

Jurors and Judging

Jurors will be announced on the EAQF website in due course:

The quilts will be judged on originality, personal expression and artistic quality.

The first judging will be based on the digital, unedited photos and the sample. Final decisions will be made on seeing the real work. Primarily selected work must be up to the standard of the EAQF for final selection.

Only one work per artist will be selected.

Aim is to have entries selected from as many different European countries as possible.

The judges’ decisions are final and not open to discussion.


A full colour catalogue (in English, French, German and Dutch) showing each quilt in full and with a detail will be published to accompany the exhibition.

Artists in the exhibition will receive one complimentary copy.


The artists are to send their work to Molenschot at their own expense. The EAQF will not take care of any customs charges.

The organisation will take care of all transportation costs between the participating museums and of returning the work to the artists.


The organisation will arrange all-risk insurance, subject to the usual exclusions, for the works for the complete length of the tour. Damage resulting from the construction and/or condition of the material used will not be covered, nor will damage occurred during transport as a result of inadequate packing.

Key dates

Deadline for submitting entry forms with photos and payment: 1 March 2008

Notice of preliminary acceptance or of rejection: before 15 April 2008

Deadline for submitting the actual work, incl. 20 euro acceptance fee: 15 May 2008

Notice of definitive selection or rejection: before 1 June 2008

Opening of the exhibition: August 2008

Expected return of the work: at the latest end 2009


Press release (2007)
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EAQ V - Rules of Participation
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EAQ V - Entry form
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