Thursday, April 05, 2007

Alice Springs Beanie Festival: 'My Journey'

Deadline: 8 JUNE 2007 (Receive)

The Alice Springs Beanie Festival Committee invites entries from artists for the exhibition, 'My Journey'

Every beanie destined for the Festival is a creative journey for its maker that begins with an idea and some fibre or yarn. Their makers send them across land and sea to reach the Festival in Alice Springs each winter. Other journeys begin. Some beanies will travel the globe, change hands and heads, be lost and found, loved and laughed at.

Express a special moment or a visual reference from a story in your life, in a beanie: the trip of a lifetime, a trek through the bush, the emotional roller coaster of life events, or the friendships made along the way. This year the Festival celebrates journeys.

Send entries to:
Jo Nixon
7 Gall Street
Alice Springs NT 0870

My Journey -Competition Entry forms:Download here
Beanie Central entryDownload here

We would prefer you email Jo to send you swingtags- Send your address and the approximate number of swingtags you need for
a) Beanie Central and
b) the 'My Journey' competition

NB all work must come with swingtags!!!!


1 Champion 'My Journey' beanie: beanie that best expresses a journey you have taken.
2 Most sculptural 'My Journey' beanie : push the form of your beanie while expressing your journey.
3 Spirit of the land: tells the stories of the ranges, the sea, the desert.
4 Most stylish 'My Journey' beanie : classic shapes that express your journey.
5 Mad Hatter's 'My Journey' prize: A funny, crazy journey tale - a beanie that makes us laugh.
6 Best 'My Journey' Australian native flora and fauna : No real animals or plant parts please!
7 The Eileen Bladon Tea Cosie prize: how many journeys have unfolded over a cup of tea? Feel free to sell it with a teapot.


8 Prize for the best felting
9 Central Australian Prize for Makers of the Region:An award for a Central Australian artist for an outstanding piece of work.
10 Beanie Festival Committee Acquisitive Prize for Wond1erful and Unusual Work
11 The Robbie Beard Prize for Innovative Work.
12 My Journey: up to 3 pieces may be entered as a series.
13 People's Prize: The favourite beanie of 2007. Voting will be carried at the Festival.

_ The Cleckheaton Dozen! 12 magnificent barrels of yarns - one for each category winner.
_ $250 Cleckheaton Cash prize. For the Peoples Choice winner.
_ The Ashford Felting prize. A beautiful bundle of fleeces.

Winners will be announced on Friday 29 June 2007 at the opening. The winners will be posted on the website and notified by mail.