Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dieu Donné Papermill:
The Workspace Program 2007-08

Deadline: Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Workspace Program offers three annual residencies to New York State emerging artists to create new work in handmade paper. The program seeks to encourage emerging artists to explore the creative possibilities of handmade paper, develop this art form, and promote the Workspace artists through exhibitions of their work produced at Dieu Donné, as well as through print and digital format.

Three artists will be selected by panel & interview process to participate in the Workspace Program. Each artist will receive a $700 honorarium, advance preparation of materials and professional assistance during a seven day collaboration (days are non-consecutive). The staff consults with each artist in order to strategize a logical approach in realizing their work through handmade paper. They will also prepare the pulp, solve technical issues and collaborate with the artist in the fabrication and drying of the work.

Applications accepted ONLINE ONLY. (The online application form will be made available on the Dieu Donné Papermill website beginning Monday, April 2, 2007). Applicants will be asked to submit an artist statement, bio/CV, and ten JPEG images via the website. Please note: CDs, slides, and other formats sent via postal mail or e-mail will not be accepted.

Complete details available on the website:

Peter Russo
Program Coordinator
(212) 226-0573