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Holiday in

DEADLINE: 5pm, 20 December 2006
Applications postmarked up to 19 December will be accepted.

Now-January 2007

Artists from France, Lithuania, and the UK are invited to propose a three-month trip touring one of the participating countries other than their own, using the host organisation as a studio base while 'touring' the country. Please note that artists visiting Lithuania can include countries in the surrounding area such as Latvia, Estonia and neighbouring Poland, Belarus and Kaliningrad, in their area of research. The deadline for this is 20 December 2006. The host organisations will then offer a 'tour package' that facilitates the project. This 'package' includes: all travel costs, support for production, a studio, sustenance fees, an exhibition in each partner's country, and a publication.

March-May 2007

Six travel projects, two in each country, will be completed in total. Between April and July 2007 the artists will conduct their research and travel, working in liaison with their host venues. They will complete a weblog with images and texts about their experiences, forging a contact with the other travelling artists and creating a critical dialogue as the project unfolds.

June-August 2007

Artists will prepare and finalise work for three exhibitions, each taking place two weeks apart at the different host venues. Artists will be supported in the production of work for three different exhibitions (one in each venue), scheduled to open in September 2007. The three exhibitions will be conceived as part of a critical whole formed by

Holiday in and will feature works by all participating artists; however, each exhibition will also function individually, providing a different facet of the entire project. For the opening of the first exhibition, a publication in the three languages will be produced, drawing from the discussions in the weblogs, and including images of works in progress and critical texts.

The exhibitions will be accompanied by a series of lectures given by the participating artists and invited speakers, allowing them to recount their journeys and discuss their experiences.


20 December 2006 – deadline for applications
mid January 2007 – Selection committee meets
end January 2007 – announcement of selection : 2 artists from UK, 2 artists
from France, 2 artists from Lithuania
early March 2007 – beginning of residency period in all three countries
end May 2007 – end of residency period
September- October 2007 – exhibitions open, catalogue published

About the tour package

The remit for Holiday in proposals is very broad. Projects can react to and/or work with specific communities, locations/contexts, cultural practices, visual resources, the act of journeying, or almost any other project for which, conceptually or practically, travel to a specific location and the status of being a 'visiting artist' is essential. This can be explored as an explicit aim/subject of the work, or simply be acknowledged as a genuine factor within the project's methodology. Applications should demonstrate a clear interest in the specific country/location.

Other than these provisos there is no prescribed theme or subject matter for the projects. You are invited to use Holiday in to whet your curiosity and satiate your wanderlust. A diverse range of approaches and subject matters is encouraged. Artists may propose something entirely new to their practice, or may continue some existing aspect that informs their ongoing work. The projects and their resulting work must, however, be able to exist as independent works or projects for exhibition purposes.

Projects may be open-ended and process-based if necessary, and more structured projects should be flexible enough for your host to create a 'tour package' from.

Applying artists must also bear in mind the constraints of the budget when devising their projects. Projects that make use of links and collaborations between the visiting artist and diverse organisations/groups/ institutions in the host country are welcomed, provided these links can be effectively made. Artists may also apply as groups of more than one visiting artist working collaboratively, but budget constraints must be taken into consideration. Equally, the artist can work individually.


Each successful artist will be allocated a project (production and travel). Applying artists should take this limit into consideration when devising their projects and propose a simple budget outline. Finalised budgets will be discussed after the selection.

About the selection committee

The selection committee will be made up of representatives from each host organisation. The committee will meet in London mid-January 2007 to select the six participants. All decisions will be made collectively. Artists will be informed of the decisions of the committee in January 2007. The committee's decisions are final and non-negotiable.

• Applying artists must be based permanently in Lithuania, UK, or France.

• Artists may not apply within their own country.

• Applying artists must have graduated from an art practice bachelor's degree or international equivalent, or have an established practice of three years, by December 2006.

• The ability to speak the language of the country you wish to visit is advantageous but is not a condition of eligibility and will not be given precedence within the selection procedure. In all cases knowledge of English is useful.

How to apply

There is no application fee. If possible, please complete your application in English. If not, please complete it in any of the languages of the participating countries.

All applications must include the following materials:

  • A completed application form

  • A current CV

  • A supporting statement about your practice, maximum 350 words.

  • Up to 10 images and/or 3 video clips of previous works. Video clips must be no longer than 2 minutes each. Images must be provided digitally as jpgs. All images and videos must be clearly labeled with title, year, and medium.

  • A description of the proposed project, maximum 1 page. This must include the following information:
    - What field of interest the project responds to.
    - A broad outline/schedule of the plan of activity (travel and activity plans).
    - An indication of possible or planned artistic outcomes resulting from this activity.

  • A proposed budget outline.

n.b. none of the information provided by the artist will be considered final; it serves only to allow the committee to understand how the project might be conducted, how it relates to the artist's practice, and to consider whether the proposed project can be fulfilled within the budget and institutional capabilities.

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