Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tactile Architecture™ 2007

Deadline (postmark): FEBRUARY 23, 2007

Modern Art Quilts with Architectural Themes

The 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition


1) The entry must be a quilt or needle art piece–it must have three layers and some quilting must be visible in the images.

2) Designs must have a clear architectural motif expressing the artist's understanding of the exhibit's theme. (Original designs are encouraged.)

3) Can be up to 90" tall and any width.

4) 3-Dimensional work is allowed.


Each entry must be accompanied by an Artist's Statement explaining the artist's inspiration for creating each quilt or needle art piece and how it relates to the architecture theme.


Jurying for Tactile Architectureis in March 2007; the results will be mailed to entrants no later than March 30, 2007. All quilts are juried anonymously—the jury members see the slides, are notified of each quilt's dimensions, materials, and construction methods, and read the Artist's Statement, but are not told the artist's name. Therefore, it is very important that your statement clearly explains your inspiration for the quilt and how it relates to the show's theme of architecture.


$20 (non-refundable); up to two entries may be submitted under this fee.


An added benefit of acceptance into Tactile Architectureis the opportunity to have your quilt travel for exhibition at prestigious venues through 2008.

Tactile Architecture(TM) 2007 entry form

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