Saturday, August 05, 2006


Deadline: November 1, 2006
The 12th New Zealand Quilt Symposium
January 19-24, 2007
Manawatu, Aotearoa New Zealand

The Exhibition is open to all quilters resident in New Zealand and to Symposium registrants from overseas.

At a time when local, national and global violence and violence against women continues unabated, it is our hope that the large and vibrant international community of quilters will take up this Challenge. We believe that quilters can use their abilities to create innovative and powerful 'quilts' which can increase the impact of messages about violence and motivate people to take action against it.

The New Zealand Human Rights Commission is proud to sponsor this Challenge. Mana ki te Tangata, the New Zealand Action Plan for Human Rights (2005), developed with statutory mandate by the Human Rights Commission, includes 'safety and freedom from violence' as one of its priorities for action.


Two quilts will be selected for the awards of $500 each.

Criteria for 'Quilts'

The entry exhibits a clear statement (the problem and/or strategies to resolve it) about family violence and/or violence against women.

The entry must be created collaboratively by two or more people.

The size, dimensions, techniques and materials should enhance the impact of the statement, and extend the notion of 'quilt'.

'Quilts' will be judged by those with a Human Rights focus and by experienced quilters.


Quilters are encouraged to keep a collaborative journal of the 'quilt story' as it develops. Although these journals will not be used to judge the winning quilts they could be used as a contribution to a possible publication that may result from the Challenge.
Full details: Human Rights Challenge

Human Rights Commission
Freephone: 0800 496 877