Friday, August 25, 2006

Guest Curator Program - Gibbs Gallery

Aplications are reviewed twice annually.

Next deadline: January 15, 2007

The Gibbs Gallery of the Arlington Center for the Arts accepts proposals for six-week, group exhibitions. Proposals may include work in any visual media and may be organized around any theme or technique. The Gibbs Gallery seeks proposals by both established and emerging artists. The ideas, values, and vision expressed by the curatorial proposal need to be clear and explicit. Experimental work, multimedia work and installations are encouraged but must fit the available space. Curators may include their own work in the exhibit, but it should illuminate or develop the exhibition's concept.

Proposals must include at least two artists, and proposals for 3 or more artists are preferred. To apply to be a guest curator for an exhibition, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Submissions may be sent either via mail or electronically. Please submit:

  1. A brief curator's statement describing your exhibit concept. Include an explanation of how the pieces fit into your vision of the exhibit. In your proposal, translate your idea for the exhibition layout as concretely as possible, particularly if there are 3-D pieces.
  2. A resume for each artist included in the exhibit proposal.
  3. An artist's statement from each artist.
  4. Submit a maximum of 20 slides total showing either actual or representative work. Label each slide with: artist name, title of piece, dimensions, and medium; indicate top of slide; mark slide "A" if actual work to be exhibited or "R" if work is representative of that to be exhibited.

Complete details available at the website.

Guest Curator Program
Arlington Center for the Arts
41 Foster Street
Arlington, MA 02474