Thursday, August 17, 2006

Canada Council for the Arts Assistance to Visual Artists: Project Grants

Deadline: December 1, 2006

Program Description
Project Grants provide support for research/creation, professional development, production and career development activities for professional artists making an important contribution to contemporary visual arts. The proposed project must be significant and advance the long-term artistic and/or career development of the applicant.

Types of project grants:

Research/Creation: This type of grant allows for a period of independent research at a key moment in the artistic practice of the applicant. The project must demonstrate the capacity to advance the artistic practice of the artist.

Production: This grant supports production costs of one or more works where there is at least one confirmed public presentation of the work(s) in a professional context. The project must demonstrate the capacity to advance the career of the artist.

Career Development: This grant supports the advancement of an artist's career through development of specific tools such as Web sites and portfolios; and/or the growth of a professional network with partners such as critics, curators, art dealers or publishers. The applicant must demonstrate that the project occurs in a key period with regard to its impact on the progression of his or her career.

The updated application form

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