Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Festival of Regions 2007

Exits and Dead Ends
Deadline for submissions: May 7, 2006(postmark)
Duration of Festival: June/July 2007

Transnational mobility, often compulsory, and continued drastic differences in standards of living have changed the thought of progress, at least in Europe, into a stop-and-go movement between security-oriented persistence and protectionism, and a simultaneous intensification of competition and demands for change. Call for submissions: The Festival of Regions is inviting project proposals from the areas of site-specific art and culture, art in public space, everyday culture, performance and participatory practices for the 2007 festival program.

Who can make a project proposal? Anyone with an idea on the theme: individual artists or artists collaborating in a team, individuals working in the area of culture and society, scientists, initiatives, associations, NGOs or working groups. The project proposal can be submitted in either English or German and should be a maximum of seven pages long. Submission: The project proposal can be sent by mail in 10 copies (Din A4) or by e-mail in the preferred format of a Word or a PDF file up to 2 MB. Additional materials cannot be taken into account.

Festival of Regions
Festival director: Martin Fritz
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