Saturday, March 11, 2006

Costa Rican--North American Cultural Center

Man + Woman= Creation 2006
Women in Textile Art, IV Biennale WTA
September 12-October 11, 2006
Deadline April 28, 2006

This exhibition will take place at the Costa Rican- North American Cultural Center in San José, Costa Rica. The objective will be to describe the symbiosis that occur during the working process of both male and female artists in the fields of contemporary textile art and design. The topic can be freely chosen, it is not about a discussion on genre but on the contrary, a visual exhibition about how men and women can benefit from working together, combining efforts within the creation process. In this mutual feedback process, at least one of the two artists should work with textile techniques while the other one can do it either applying textile techniques or selecting some other artistic discipline which adapts and complements the textile one. This means that the textile work can be enhanced by ceramists, jewelers, musicians (with previous coordination), painters and sculptors, etc.

Applications to participate in this Biennale can be submitted by any adult artist from any country in the world. Participation will be subject to acceptance which shall have to be granted by an International Jury which will meet in Miami to survey and check all applications and proposals.

The deadline for the receipt of applications in Miami will be April 28, 2006 and the application fee shall be US $25.00.

Application Forms

All the Application forms shall be sent to the Organization of Women in the Textile Art - Miami, USA - to the following address:

Ms. Pilar Tobón
Man + Woman = Creation 2006
IV Biennale
International of the Organization of Women in the Textile Art
4660 N.W. 93 Doral Court
Miami, FLORIDA 33178 - U.S.A.

Tel. + Fax: 1 305 406 2313 or 1-786-546-8017

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